8 apps that help take care of health

What to install on a smartphone, in time to take medication and competently monitor key health indicators. A selection of the best site with app reviews chillandchat.com

Get In Shape

Becomes the best guide to a healthy lifestyle. In it, you need to form an individual profile, which records the indicators of growth, age, information about work and time spent on sports. Next, you choose a task for yourself: to make a “beach figure”, “cleanse the body”, “go on a diet”. Analysis of these data will allow the application to plan for you an individual training program to track the status of your figure, calculate the calories you need.

Pocket Studio

This application was developed in the well-known Makeup For Ever company. It is logical that it will allow you to determine the main mistakes that you make when applying makeup. The application will tell you what kind of care your skin needs. Also, there is a large number of training videos with secrets of beautiful makeup from leading make-up artists.


This application allows users to track how much they are moving and whether enough rest. If there are some problems with this, the program will signal and offer to install additional reminders that it is necessary to get up because of the computer, do exercises or go to bed on time. Also, in the menu of the program, you can find useful recommendations for professional trainers and nutritionists.

The program has a lovely friendly interface, which is accompanied by quite a large number of qualitatively made illustrations-instructions.

Gorilla Workout

This application is aimed at those office workers who do not want to engage in a gym with a professional coach on an individual program. The user can indicate here his physical data and parameters, as well as the goal he sets for himself, after which he will receive a training program. A reasonably clear video accompanies information about the exercises. When the course is completed, the user can take a picture and immediately post it on Facebook or Twitter. The program allows you to do this in two clicks.


Not every one of us can afford to exercise regularly. In any case, many think so. Good. But even in this situation, we can do something for our health – walk. About how useful your walk has turned out, you will be told a special program-pedometer. To work, it does not require any additional devices, like fitness bracelets. Just need to install it on the phone and go for a walk. In the end, you will find out how many steps have been taken, how much calories burned and how useful your walk has turned out. All this, in the end, motivates you more and more to move. You will notice how, without resorting to heavy exercises or exhausting jogging, you can lead a healthier lifestyle and even gradually get rid of excess weight.


The application for a customized schedule will remind you that it’s time to drink a pill. To understand which one, it is not necessary to take a smartphone: for each medicine, you can choose your melody. The service will also remind you that the product is over and you need to buy a new package.

Also, in Medisafe, you can enter data on weight, blood pressure, blood glucose, and keep records of taking medication in PDF and Excel to send them to your doctor.


Diary application for diabetics of the first and second type. It has sections for recording information about the level of sugar, the number of eaten bread units, insulin injections, health, and symptoms.

MedM Blood Pressure

The service allows you to quickly enter data manually or synchronize with electronic tonometers of favorite brands. Statistics are displayed in the form of diagrams or specialized trend graphs by day, week, month.

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