What Is Diabetes? The Forms Of Diabetes

Diabetes is a number of diseases in which the body can not regulate the amount of sugar (glucose) in the blood. Glucose in the blood gives you energy like you need, when you go fast, run for a bus, bike, take an aerobics class, and run your day to day tasks. The forms of diabetes: […]

What is Chest Bone Pain?

What is Chest Bone Pain? Chest Bone Pain is the type of pain which originates in the bones located in the thoracic cavity or the front part of the chest. Chest Bone Pain has a particularly distinct feeling from other types of chest pains and should not be confused with symptoms of angina, heartburn or […]

Morning Stomach Discomfort

Pain is the body’s sign some time we can not understand it that what is the reason so we can not explain it because the pain of hurt, cut and any disease which about we know can tell but at the morning time when we wake up after a normal sleep feel pain in stomach […]

Causes of an Abdominal Migraine in Children

An abdominal migraine characterized by severe pain in abdomen is seen most commonly observed among children especially girls. However, adults can also be victims of this disease. It generally expresses as a severe abdominal attack rather than a headache. In most of these children, the abdominal migraine emerges as migraine headaches in later years. Causes […]

Osteodynia – Diagnostic

As we all know bone is a very hard structure giving shape to the body. Like muscles, bones to possess blood vessels, pain receptors and arteries supplying the requisite nutrients. Fracture or sprain of the cartilage surrounding the bone or diseases such as osteoarthritis can result in bone pain. Apart from severe unbearable pain, the […]