Morning Stomach Discomfort

Pain is the body’s sign some time we can not understand it that what is the reason so we can not explain it because the pain of hurt, cut and any disease which about we know can tell but at the morning time when we wake up after a normal sleep feel pain in stomach so we think that it is due to digestive problem or  hunger and ignore it ,some time we feel alarm in stomach due to hunger but with the signal of appetite we feel pangs that is unbearable we think that after the 12 hour empty stomach it is possible but in real sense this pangs are due to some diseases of stomach.

When we wake up morning time if we feel change of mouth taste, hunger pangs, stomach noises and pain in our stomach so we have a need to check it,  but there are many ideas in mind at that time about this reason which compel us to ignore it and we feel it not hard matter for us but with the passage of time it becomes serious disease and prove the cancer of stomach so we should consult with the specialist doctor that can tell us the reason.

Types of Morning Symptoms

There will be lot of problems which we feel after wake up the morning time but most of the time we feel noises in stomach, hunger pangs and stomach pain which are not ignorable every time its investigation is needed so know about these symptoms as.

Hunger Pains
Hunger pains and nausea both at the time feel as hunger pangs and it confuses us we can not understand that it is hunger pains or pangs.

Stomach Noises
Some time the noises from stomach are aloud and constant that can give us tension.

Stomach Ache
Due to stomach burning we feel pain in the left upper abdominal.

Heart Burn
Some time we feel burning in chest and at the heart place in central part of chest.

Offensive Morning Breath
The problem to inhale the breath at the morning and sleeping time is also the symptoms of morning.

Due to it we can loss our appetite and prove the cause of vomiting.

Sour Throat
Sour throat at the morning time is also possible at the morning time.

Sour Taste of Mouth
Some time we feel change of taste in mouth.

Causes of Morning Stomach Symptom
There are many causes of this problem but the most nearest are these which disturb the stomach and digestive system.

Gastroesophageal reflux disease
It is also called the gastro-esophageal reflux disease, gastric reflux disease and acid reflux disease that effects the stomach by stomach acid coming up from stomach to esophagus and due to it we feel heartburn and central chest burn.

It is an inflammation, erosion of the lining of the stomach and irritation in it due to alcohol use, stress or the excessive use of medicines.

Peptic Ulcer Disease
It is also the main cause of morning stomach pain in which the gastrointestinal tract is usually acidic and after it we feel unbearable pain; it effects the duodenum that is the first part of small intestine.

This cause is due to inflammation of duodenum that produces acute and chronic to know about it we have to do endoscopy.

These all diseases effect the stomach and disturb but mostly in night time its effect is excessive ,we do not notice about these problems and when it reaches at the danger level that effect is uncontrollable so we must care and check it at the first stage so it can be cure easily.

Reasons For Morning Stomach Symptoms

Most of the people  do not know about the process of our stomach and food that how our stomach system digest it when we eat food at that time,  it mixed with the acid and enzymes in the mouth than it travels to the stomach through the pipe of food, that name is esophagus at this time our that food converted into small bits and boulders which are half digest than in the small intestine it is mixed with thick fluid and in this way step by step stomach parts digest it but if one part of stomach disturb it effects, all the parts and stomach disturbance give us pain mostly in the morning time and the reasons for the morning stomach pain are , mucus barrier becomes compromised and disturbs.

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