Ten Top Home Remedies To Avoid Dehydration

Avoid Certain Substances

Dehydration comes across as one of the most common problems that arise in the summer season. Naturally, with excessive exposure to the scorching heat of the sun, our body is more likely to face dehydration which can lead to many problems. The fact of the matter is that when it comes to dealing with dehydration, taking preventive measures is much more convenient than getting treated after getting dehydrated.

Keep Your Fluid Levels High

This home remedy is a no-brainer since everyone knows that lack of body fluids can cause dehydration. Doctors say that a normal person who is not likely to take part in activities that can exert extra pressure on the body should have 64 ounces of water per day, but the required fluids level are much higher for athletes and people who do regular exercise. Nevertheless, if you plan to go out, make sure you have a bottle of water or energy drink which can be sipped after regular intervals.

Drink Pickle Juice

This can be considered to be one of the oldest dehydration home remedies. Before you plan to go outside on a hot summer day sipping some pickle juice before taking water can be very beneficial and will help you keep your body hydrated.

Use Natural Ingredients

You can drink as many artificial energy drinks as you might want to, but there is nothing more effective in combating dehydration than natural fruits. Fruits such as watermelon are ideally suited to be consumed in hot climates as they contain a lot of water and they keep your body fluids level very high. In addition, items such as banana, apple, mint, papaya and pomegranate can also be very helpful in tackling dehydration.

Cut Short Your Exercise Duration

It is quite understandable that you cannot exercise as much in summer as you can in other seasons because hot climate can dehydrate your body due to excessive sweating. Therefore, all fitness freaks are advised to cut short the duration of their exercise sessions. For instance, those who are accustomed to exercising for an hour and a half should shorten their fitness session in summer season to 40 to 50 minutes.

Swim Regularly

It is okay to maintain your body fluid levels but it is also important to keep your body temperature down. Spending time in a swimming pool is a wonderful home remedy for those who lose body fluids because of sweating. However, parents need to be cautious about their kids swimming in a pool and need not leave them alone.

Never Go Out without a Sun Screen

It is important to put on a sun screen at least half an hour before you stick your head outside in scorching summer heat. It is also vital that the sun screen you use provides complete protection from UVA and UVB.

Get Rid of Extra Clothing

As long as you are staying at home with your family and dear ones, you can afford to get rid of extra clothing so that your body temperature does not rise too much.

Ginger Always Helps

Ginger has always been known to have magical powers and that is why it is used in various medicines. Taking half a teaspoon of dry ginger and drinking it with a cup of buttermilk is an old and effective home remedy for combating dehydration.

Restore Potassium Level in Your Body

People suffering from dehydration because of diarrhea are advised to increase intake of food items that contain potassium. Such food items include mangoes, bananas, pineapples, coconut milk and citrus fruits.

Avoid Certain Substances

Consuming certain substances such as caffeine can have a negative effect on the hydration of your body. Similarly, certain fruit juices such as that of apricot, peaches, plums and peas should also be avoided.

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