Weight Loss Surgery

The Gastric Sleeve is a new type of weight loss surgery that is gaining high popularity amongst patients looking for getting their ideal weight back. The number of morbidly obese patients is on the rise and this is the reason why more of these patients are seeking weight loss surgery. The Gastric Sleeve is known by several names like vertical sleeve gastrectomy, gastric sleeve resection, sleeve gastrectomy, or laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy. But don’t get confused as the procedure is the same.

But you need to consult your surgeon and discuss if you are a good patient to go for such a weigh loss surgery. The prime aim of the surgery is to reduce the size of the stomach up to 80 to 85% as well as reduce the hormones that create the craving for food. Reducing the size of the stomach results in lower production of Ghrelin hormone that minimizes the hunger sensation.

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of weight loss surgery.

  • Advantage of Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Less invasive than gastric bypass
  • No need of  any foreign devices
  • Easier to follow post-surgery diet
  • 40 to 60% extra weight loss
  • No alteration of the intestines
  • Can be performed laparoscopically
  • Beneficial for extremely obese patients
  • The gastric sleeve procedure is generally followed by gastric bypass for even better results.
  • Disadvantages of the Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • The news stomach pouch has the potential to stretch over time
  • Right diet along with exercise is recommended for complete results
  • Leakage may occur at the site
  • Additional surgery may be required

As the gastric sleeve is a preventive weight loss procedure, it is more likely to follow by inadequate weight loss. Many times people start gaining weight again if they are not able to follow the strict diet plans and regular exercise. As with any medical process, there are always the possibilities of adverse affects. The biggest probable disadvantage is that it is irreversible. Therefore it is necessary to understand all the possible drawbacks into consideration before going for such weight loss surgery.

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