Why Regular Exercise Is Important For Kids

It’s common knowledge that regular exercise and physical activity has so many benefits to it for both the young old. Then, why are the childhood obesity rates rising? It seems that with the invention and advancement of new technologies such as gaming systems, iPods, computers, and televisions, children are getting less and less physical activity and instead are leading sedentary lives. This is a huge difference in lifestyle from just 30 years ago when you used to see every neighborhood kid outside playing kickball, tag, basketball, or riding bikes down the street.

Children’s health suffers dramatically when they do not receive enough exercise in their daily life. Daily physical activity is so important to learn early in life for so many reasons. Here are just some of the reasons why regular exercise is so important for children’s health.

Increased Life Expectancy

Research has proven that regular exercise leads to an increased life expectancy. Just popping in a child’s exercise DVD such as Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club may just add extra years to your child’s life. What parent doesn’t want their child to live a long and healthy life?

Controls Weight

Regular physical activity is a great way to control a child’s weight. As mentioned, the childhood obesity rates are rising and this is very sad. No on wants their child to be unhealthy. Being overweight can lead to other medical complications such as diabetes and asthma. By having your child get some kind of physical activity on a daily basis, you can help prevent your child from becoming overweight, which can help prevent them from getting diseases and medical complications associated with obesity. Also, there are many overweight children who get picked on from their peers on a regular basis. By simply trying to get your child interested in fun physical activities such as a dance workout video like Shaun T’s Fit Kids Club, riding bikes, or even something simple like gardening you can save your child from getting teased and bullied about their weight. Exercise and a healthy diet are the only way to control one’s weight and that makes no difference if you are 5 or 75.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

Parents may not worry about their children’s health when it comes to cholesterol and heart problems, but if your child is overweight, it is possible for them to suffer a heart attack from all the fat located around the heart and the extra strain that is placed on the heart. Regular exercise can help improve a child’s cardiovascular health, making them have more energy and be able to do so much more without restraint. Exercise makes your child’s body strong and healthy which also makes them less susceptible to illnesses such as colds and the flu as well.

Sets The Pathway For a Healthy Future

When you make sure that your child gets enough regular physical activity, you are setting a healthy pathway for their future. This means that if you have a child that loves baseball, they will most likely become a teenager and adult that loves playing baseball. You are setting the guidelines to live a healthy life by. They can take these guidelines and continue to live them well into their adult years, making them even healthier and stronger.

There are so many reasons why parents need to make sure that their child is getting regular exercise. It promotes good health and helps to regulate a child’s weight. It can also cut down on diseases and illnesses that a child may get. Exercise just makes a healthier child overall.

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